from greek peripeteia

It is a sudden and unpredicted change of the situation, twist or turning of the action (Aristotle).
In the technical sense of the term, it is the moment when the hero’s destiny takes an unexpected route; the change from happiness to disgrace, or vice-verse.
In the modern sense it designates both the high and low points of the action, as well as the episode that follows the strong moment of action.

Dictionary of Theatre
Patrice Pavis.

PERIPÉCIA TEATRO (Peripeteia Theatre Company) is a trans-national Company with Head office in Portugal, in the city of Vila Real, established in 2004 by two Spanish and one Portuguese actors – Noelia Domínguez, Ángel Fragua and Sérgio Agostinho.

It proposes the creation of original authorship shows, which rely upon a work of big discipline and strictness of actor’s playing and which – side by side to texts – develop an intense physical and visual component, in order to obtain an attractive and universal scenic language.