O Vigilante Noturno


Co-created and staged by John Mowat, the new creation of Didascália Theatre is the second project in a line of creation that is guided by a work that meets the materials, from which the human hand is used to manipulate, transform and carve, giving wings to a deep need of the human being: to create.

In “O VIGILANTE NOTURNO”, the focus will be on building materials – pipes, bricks, hammers, wood – and the troubled relationship between them and their caretaker. The work of the night watchman is extremely lonely and subject to both danger and peripécia.

The physical space of the show will be constructed and destroyed in a process accompanied by two musicians who, in scene and simultaneously, will install the sound space.

June 28, 9:30 p.m. – Didascalia Theatre

Ticket Price: Farnel BIP (Drink and Snack)