It means the first Peripecia’s Theatre performance addressed to the youngest, where the main characters are, of course, INK and COLORS. The spectacle displays an apparently clear and easy narrative, told through colours, brushstrokes, spots, drops and drawings, with the clear expectation to deal with, in a poetic and entertaining way, deeply human and universal matters.
The creators’ main goal has been the visual performance with interesting elements, addressed both for children and adults. Here we have then resources that start from the clownish play of the actors, from even the act of painting on the stage or the handling of feasible objects, just paper and scissors, showing several colours.

What color will you get if you mix up the blue ink with the yellow one?
And out of the mixture of green with orange? And…what about yellow with violet? If there is no answer…we have to TRY OUT!
We wanted to experiment on these mixtures and many more expected. One of them consisted on mixing up, on stage, pots containing yellow, blue and red ink, adding paper, as well as music, lights, some miscellaneous objects and…Three actors. We did not expect any result, but the fact is that we did not want to EXPERIMENT! So the results from this wonderful esperience are what we offer you today, this performance. Enjoy your experience, TRYING OUT.

Technical and Artistic File

Technical Conditions